2 Ways To Engage Your Toddler's Senses While Reading To Them

If you have started reading aloud to your toddler to help them gain a love of stories and reading, you may wonder about ways to get your little one more interested in the stories. If so, use the following tips to help engage your toddler's senses while you are reading to them.

1.  Make Different Voices When Speaking for Various Characters

While reading the story to your child, do you tend to use the same voice for reading the narrative and conversations between the characters? Using the same tone throughout the story could make your child bored and start to lose interest after a couple of pages. 

Instead of using the same tone, mix it up by using different voices when speaking for various characters to engage your toddler's sense of hearing. For example, if you are speaking for a mouse, use a high-pitched, squeaky noise and try to sound as silly as possible. 

Even if your child laughs at you, the varying tones and voices will keep them interested. It can also help to make them see that story time is a fun time with you, and they may keep that love of books and stories as they grow older.

2.  Use Books That Have Different Textures on the Pages

Even if you use different voices while reading, you are still talking at and to your child when you are reading the story. And, while they may have an active imagination, they may still have problems fully engaging in and imagining some of the descriptions in the story.

To help involve them in the story, stimulate their sense of touch by using books that have different textures on the pages. For example, if you are reading to them in December, select a holiday book involving Santa Claus that has a soft, cottony patch for his beard. 

While you are reading the description of St. Nick, have your child touch his beard on the book so that they not only imagine what it feels like but can actually experience it for themselves. This can then help them learn different adjectives and make the connection between the words and the sensations.

Engaging your toddler's senses while reading to them can help them develop a love of reading while learning about the world around them. If you are interested in different types of tactile books, such as a Santa Claus beard children's book, speak with your local bookseller.